On the 24th of June, eLearningminds conducted the Graduation ceremony for the eLearningTalents @eLearningMinds Graduation Ceremony (Batch 2022). The purpose of the graduation ceremony is to celebrate the achievements and completion of the eLearningTalents interns in their 3-month journey of their internship programme. The eLearningTalents @eLearningMinds Graduates is a programme that is in collaboration with UNIMAS, and interns are thrown into an environment where they learn about the many aspects of eLearning in a workplace setting.  

The eLearningTalents internship programme will allow the students go through a structured training programme throughout the internship. The trainings are conducted by our experienced staff who specialise in various skills in eLearning. The external experts or consultants are invited to share some of their experiences.  

eLearningminds together with UNIMAS, collaborated on this internship programme. Mr Jayapragas a/l Gnaniah of UNIMAS together with Kelvin Loh, Managing Director of eLearningminds collaborated on making this internship programme come true because he believes that the knowledge and talents that will be developed at eLearningminds will be incredibly functional for the interns’ future careers. 

Some of the training that the interns attended include 6 days of Articulate training, LXD training as well as on the job training. The interns gained valuable skills and knowledge in media preparation, Vyond video application, storyboarding, PowerPoint presentation and more. Our vision is in the hopes that the interns graduate with skills that can contribute to the eLearning industry 

The seven interns, Afiqah, Aishah, Andy, Azizi, Devi, Ivy, and Sue Jing, then gave their own feedback each, mostly thanking eLearningminds and their trainers. Sue Jing mentioned that this internship programme gave her an insight on the real industry experience of eLearning. She mentioned how great it was that they learned all aspects of content development including learning about LMS platforms, video recording and said that overall, the experience was truly fruitful, practical, and comprehensive 

Mr Jayapragas a/l Gnaniah of UNIMAS expressed his desire to see this internship become a part of the degree and a certification programme at the Faculty of Language and Communication. He is pleased that the knowledge they gained at eLearningminds is something that is highly relevant in becoming experts in the technical field. 

After that, the trainers mentioned that they developed graphic design skills which is something that is out of their comfort zones. The trainers hope that the graphic design aspect is also incorporated in the content development that the interns’ future endeavours. It is also their hope that the knowledge they gained would be shared to others in the future. 

Frankly, our hope at eLearningminds, through this internship, is that the interns would go on to become working adults that venture or dabble in the eLearning industry. We are hopeful that the interns will be able to develop learning content skillfully along with other talents that they have honed.  

Allow us to congratulate once again, the great achievements of Afiqah, Aishah, Andy, Azizi, Devi, Ivy, and Sue Jing for completing all their assignments, tasks, and workshops. Special mention goes to Andy who received the Outstanding Award for displaying incredibly advanced learning abilities and work ethic. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours especially regarding contributing to the eLearning industry. 

Please check out our eLeariningTalents programme.

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