Date: 7th July 2022

Location: eLearningMinds

On the 7th of July 2022, we the staff at eLearningMinds attended the official launching of Truly eLearning which is a training program developed by several of the employees at eLearningMinds. The purpose of this event is to foster a culture of learning at ELM, encourage collective learning and continuous development f knowledge and competence of individuals and teams at ELM, as well as to seek and review the learning experiences of our own products and services so that we can assist our customers better and finding them multiple solutions to their challenges.

So, the objective of the program is to provide learning opportunities and engaging experiences for all of the employees at eLearningMinds. If we can personally experience the products we are selling to our clients and gain firsthand knowledge on the strengths or inadequacies of the product, then we’ll empathise with what they go through when they’re using the product along with the pain points, they face.

An excellent aspect of this training program is the fact that each week of the training there will be a theme. For the first week, the theme will be Growth Mindset, a more focused look on how our mindsets can grow and adapt. The next week will be a different theme and so on and so forth.

Once the explanation of the program was completed, Ashikin moved on to elaborate in more detail, the phase timeline of the training, as well as the guidelines communication methods. The closing of the ceremony was delivered by our very own co-Founder and CEO of eLearningMinds, Kelvin Loh, where he conveys his hope of instilling the culture of constantly being hungry for knowledge, hence, always in pursuit of learning new things amongst us here at eLearningMinds.

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