Date: 28th July 2022

Location: eLearningMinds, Training Space

Recently at eLearningMinds, we held our very first Townhall Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to go through all the activities, tasks, and projects that we as a company have completed. It is to review all that we have achieved including all that we did not. From this, we are able to recalibrate what were the actions taken that were correct as well as where the mistakes had led us, providing us with better data for future undertakings. Our CEO and co-founder Kelvin Loh opened the conversation and through a series of slides, listed down our hits and misses.


One of the highlights of the meeting was when our very own Siti Aisyah achieved the highly prestigious certificates from our partner D2L. Her certificates were an achievement she received from attending the training with D2L. There was a total of 3 training courses she attended, and they were for how to train, how to support and how to implement using D2Lā€™s products. The amazing thing about this wonderful achievement is that Aisyah is literally the first trainer in Malaysia to receive these certificates from D2L. She thanked her mentor Chong Kean Kee, and they both took to the floor for some photos. We are truly proud, and awe inspired by Siti Aisyah and her dedication as a trainer and eLearningMinds are hopeful to witness many more triumphs such as this in the times coming.

Siti Aisyah with her mentor Chong Keen Kee

One of our dedicated colleagues, Daniel, informed us that he would no longer be working for eLearningMinds, unfortunately. However, his enthusiasm and optimism for the future was contagious and all at eLearningMinds wished him all the best in his future endeavours. Later, we celebrated the birthdays of two of our colleagues with cake and that was the end of the event.




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