Date: 14 September 2022

Location: eLearningMinds, Training Space

A few days ago (14th September 2022), we held our third Townhall Meeting. This time around, we incorporated some fun activities in relation to the Truly eLearning INNOVATION program. It was very engaging and entertaining for most of us as it required us to think outside of the box. Working in our teams, we had to select items and figure out what we can do with them but in a creative and innovative way. Aside from that, we got to choose different coloured M&Ms and write down what each colour represents to us. It was very insightful because it made us think in an unorthodox way in order to not have similar ideas as one another. Truly eLearning INNOVATION definitely instills that learning culture we want to cultivate as well as make us more inclined to think creatively.

Participants actively playing the games for Truly eLearning INNOVATIONΒ 

After the fun and games, we moved on to a short briefing by Dr Tom about Go Beyond Game a gaming activity that all of us will participate in. The purpose is for game testing from Talent Intelligence, which is about change management. This is so that critical factors are shared amongst us so that we can better prepare ourselves for whatever changes that life brings us including changes in work. It was definitely very interesting and all of us are looking forward to testing out the game next week.

Afiqah introducing us to Virtual First

Next, Afiqah discussed with us about the Virtual First initiative. Virtual First is to help us better prepare for a more flexible working environment. The purpose of Virtual First is to enhance the virtual working environment that we already currently have such as communication tools. Virtual First is also to help prepare our mindset and behaviour. As mentioned by our CEO and co-founder Kelvin Loh, we are ready to go for this arrangement as many of us have gone through courses on virtual meeting ethics, being remote worker and more. It is also to prepare us to go for remote working arrangement, including those who prefer to remain in the office or remotely, besides preparing our office premise (physically/policy) to be more ready to cater to all.




Unfortunately, another one of our dedicated colleagues, Ilyas, will no longer be working for eLearningMinds. He wants to focus more on his business venture.Β  We wish Ilyas nothing but the best in his future undertakings. Your friendship and contributions will be missed. Our co-founder and CEO, Kelvin Loh rewarded Ilyas and Nur Faizah with a gift to symbolise his gratitude for both of them since they have worked at eLearningMinds for more than 5 years. We then posed for photos and ate some refreshments. With that, our third Townhall Meeting came to an end.






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