eLearningMinds Group – Winner of HR Vendor Award 2021

At eLearningMinds, we are honoured to receive the Gold Awards from the HR VENDOR OF THE YEARS 2021 ceremony for Best Digital Learning Provider.

This is the joint effort of the eLearningMinds Team with 18 years of experience in the digital learning solutions that we believe in making digital learning works for our clients.

Thanks to the support of our team, clients and partners. Who give us the opportunities and share the same belief in digital learning.

We are committed to continuing to explore and adapt to the eLearning space allows us to provide and advise companies on which online platforms and tools to use but also enable us to fulfil our mission of enriching our clients with digital learning literacy– as a way to empower them and enhance knowledge transference within their company.

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Award received by Kelvin and Jaxton

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