Awarded as Malaysia’s ‘Local Hero’ at HR Vendor of the Year 2023

Thursday, 9 November 2023 was a night filled with jubilation and honor as the prestigious HR Vendors of the Year 2023, Malaysia, unfolded at the magnificent Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara. This annual event, renowned for acknowledging the pinnacle of HR solutions providers in Asia, showcased the very best in the industry.

The awards, designed to recognize exceptional contributions and innovations in the HR sector, comprised 31 categories this year. Among them were the newly introduced segments tailored to highlight excellence in specific domains such as

  • Best HR Management Consulting Firm
  • Best Instructional Design Provider
  • Best Digital Wellness Platform
  • Best Training & Facilitation Skills

These categories were meticulously crafted to honor organizations that exhibited unparalleled dedication and expertise in serving the HR community.

Amidst this celebration of excellence, eLearningMinds emerged as the distinguished recipient of the ‘Local Hero’ award. This accolade represents the culmination of the company’s steadfast commitment, outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and unwavering contributions since its inception.

eLearningMinds’ triumph at the HR Vendor of the Year 2023, Malaysia, serves as a testament to their exceptional prowess in the realm of eLearning and instructional design. Their dedication to advancing digital learning has not only transformed businesses but has also significantly impacted the community at large.

“We are deeply honored and thrilled to receive the ‘Local Hero’ award at the HR Vendor of the Year 2023,” remarked, Kelvin Loh, CEO of eLearningMinds – “This recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering high-quality eLearning solutions and our enduring dedication to societal betterment through our CSR programs and many other digital learning solutions.”

eLearningMinds’ win in this prestigious category underscores their unwavering dedication to fostering excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. Their commitment to revolutionizing the eLearning landscape while making substantial contributions to society has rightfully earned them this accolade.

The recognition of eLearningMinds as the ‘Local Hero’ at the HR Vendor of the Year 2023, Malaysia, stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication, exceptional service offerings, and impactful CSR initiatives that have positively influenced the Learning and Development community.

As eLearningMinds continues to pioneer groundbreaking solutions and foster a brighter, more educated future, their recognition as the ‘Local Hero’ reinforces their status as a beacon of excellence in the eLearning industry and beyond. To the entire team, this is not just an award; it’s a reminder of our potential, a validation of our hard work, and a source of inspiration for the future. We will carry this momentum forward, continue pushing boundaries, and we will definitely COME BACK STRONGER NEXT YEAR! 🏆🔛

Here’s some snippets of the memories created at HR Vendor of the Year 2023

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