Classin – The Best Tool For Online Class In Malaysia

Founded in 2014, ClassIn is an EdTech SaaS unicorn offering solutions for remote and hybrid learning. Its core product, ClassIn, is an all-in-one platform with interactive classroom, school management backend system, formative assessment, student learning report, and more. Through seamless integration with the company’s line of hardware, ClassIn brings to life a collaborative hybrid learning ecosystem for schools everywhere.

Today, ClassIn has grown into one of the world’s largest edtech companies with more than five million monthly active users and offices in Asia, Europe, and North America.

One software to achieve seamless Online-Merge-Offline learning

ClassIn enables flexible learning modes with high adaptability to existing hardware

ClassIn to integrate online and offline spaces

A future of education without limits

ClassIn to redefine the classroom blackboard

Videoconferencing tools on the blackboard to afford consistent learning experiences for remote and in-person students
Intuitive gesture designs and freeform handwriting
Infinite scroll up to 50 pages for uninterrupted presentation
Save, share, and edit the blackboard with EDB files

Interactive tools to improve student engagement

Hand out multiple choice questions and the small blackboard for pop quizzes
Reward your students with virtual trophies
Conduct STEM experiments with NoBook virtual lab
Explore more interactive teaching tools

Teaching resource hubs to better support educators

Authorized teaching materials from world-renowned publishers
Online database for teaching materials sharing
Unlimited cloud storage

High compatibility with existing hardware

ClassIn runs smoothly on smart screens, PC, iPad, as well as Android and ios systems
An all-inclusive solution to synchronous hybrid learning

Quantifiable learning behaviors in and outside the classroom

Data analytics to visualize class effectiveness and performance

Learning Report

Insights into learning behaviors to keep track of long-term progress.

Class Managment

One intuitive backend system to manage all classes and personnel and view analytics.

Assignment & Grading

Easy-to-manage homework and grading with high flexibility.

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