eLearningMinds Official Partnership with Powtoon

Transform into a learning institution that prioritizes visual content using Powtoon’s platform for visual communication.

Experience the power of visual learning with Powtoon's dynamic visual communication platform seamlessly integrated into the Canvas LMS.

Effortlessly integrate Powtoon with single sign-on

Set it up within minutes to have Powtoon right at your fingertips in the Canvas navigation bar.

Create captivating and personalized videos, efficiently and effectively.

Bring your lessons to life with limitless video creation possibilities. Elevate your school’s branding with customized characters, props, music, stock footage, and much more.

Allocate and evaluate video projects with ease.

Solicit video projects from your students and provide grades and feedback seamlessly within the Canvas platform.

Which individuals or organization that can fully utilize these collaboration?

Universities/Higher Ed

Elevate the academic experience at your college or university by bringing lectures to life with captivating visual content. Utilize Powtoon to create engaging materials for admissions, career development, research, alumni affairs, and beyond.


Empower creativity, teamwork, and public speaking abilities among K-12 students by assigning video projects using Powtoon.

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