Camtasia is one of the best all-in-one screen recorders and video editing software to create professional-looking videos. This tool follows SCORM standard compliances that track your courses, visual effects, audio effects, transitions, and animations. The simple interactivity features like hotspots, quizzes, and table of contents allow you to create interactive videos easily.

eLearningMinds can help you to develop beautiful and functional eLearning Courses suited to your organisations’ needs. As an authorised training provider, we can guide you on customising videos and using the interactive functions effectively.

Our training can be conducted either in physical or virtual classrooms. Our programme can educate the public or customise them to suit your organisations’ internal needs. Each of our virtual classes is usually created for a minimum of 8 people, and additional facilitators will be provided as needed, and the duration is 7-hours per class. Please contact us for more information.

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