Our most popular product, Articulate, is the world’s award-winning and popular eLearning authoring software that allows you to create eLearning courses easily. It is simple for beginners and powerful enough for experts. This tool is potent and complies with all standard compliances such as SCORM (TinCan) that tracks your courses. Additionally, the features and functions are highly user-friendly.

While the tool is easy to use, eLearningMinds can help you fully utilise the functions and create an elevated eLearning Course suited to your organisations’ needs. As an experienced Articulate-authorised training provider and user, we are uniquely positioned to share our insight of the tool, specifically its customisable features, which can be used to significant effect with the right guiding hand. Please contact us for more information.

Our training can be conducted either in physical or virtual classrooms. Our programmer can educate the public or customise them to suit your organisations’ internal needs. Each of our virtual classes is usually created for a minimum of 8 people, and additional facilitators will be provided as needed.

Here are some of the programs we provide (Virtual Training): –

  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 360 and Articulate 360 (10 Sessions | 35 – hours)
  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 360 (8 Sessions | 28 – hours)
  • Introduction to Articulate 360 (2 Sessions| 7 – hours)

Here are some of the programs we provide (Physical Training): –

  • Introduction to Articulate 360 (1 – day | 7 – hour)
  • Mastering Articulate 360 (4 – days | 28 – hours)
  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 360 (3 – days | 21 – hours)
  • Mastering Articulate Storyline 3 (3 – day | 21 – hour)
  • Articulate Storyline Advance (2 – days | 14 – hours)

Past Experiences

eLearningMinds has worked with a wide array of clients in the past in many different industries in Malaysia and South East Asia in a variety of industries.


South East Asia


Impressive software with lot of examples! I particularly loved the online resources because we can use it to explore and use in future.

The training covered so many aspects of Storyline 360 from basic, intermediate and advance with a proper pace. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated on the facilities and hospitality provided, even in the current global pandemic. The Trainer put in a lot of effort to make me understand the concepts and flow.

I learned all the animations/new functions on Articulate, which I can use to enhance the learning experience of my participants.

I enjoy learning the ways of using Articulate Storyline 360. We learned about the importance as well as the tips and tricks of using the software.

I really appreciated the “Best practices” lesson from the trainer because it is something you cannot get from the training menu. I also learned how to create eLearning content with a variety of tools, as well as the basic elements or building blocks in Articulate Storyline.

I liked creating the quizzes using the available templates. Other than that, I find it enlightening to learn more about creating triggers and states, though I need to practise more to be fast in creating these settings in Articulate Storyline. I am also excited to start designing and explore using Rise as well. The examples and instructions given were very clear.

The Training was very detailed! I discovered many new functions that can be used to make training materials fun and effective for learning.

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