Off-the-shelf eLearning content or modules are pre-designed courses that the general public may purchase.

There are a few pros and cons of using this product, which includes: –

The Pros The Cons
Us cheaper than Bespoke development Contains unnecessary features and functionality
Implementation is quick as most systems are ready to use straight away Includes upgrade and support costs
Includes online guides and forums to keep your users as well as regular upgrades Limits your control on how the business operates

If you are having trouble deciding between Off-The-Shelf and Bespoke Learning Content, here are a few factors that can consider helping you make your decision: –

Flexibility and Customisability are more generic in contrast with Bespoke; you can have total control of the features in the Bespoke application.

Functionality for an Off-the-shelf software is designed to suit the majority, in contrast to Bespoke- which allows for a free exchange of ideas, where you can shape precisely what the product delivers.

Integration into your current processes is tricky because you may find that you need to adapt to accommodate it, in contrast with Bespoke- which can be designed to integrate with existing data, systems and processes seamlessly.

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