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Create Optimal Learning Experiences at Scale Across the Enterprise

Businesses are facing tremendous headwinds in engaging and retaining stakeholder attention. Email, social media, and messaging across multiple platforms and screens compete with business critical communication and training. How do you quickly and effectively build online learning content that captivates today’s increasingly distracted employees? Video is the answer. And Vyond + Articulate together make it effortless to enable engaging workplace learning at scale.


Vyond: Create Professional-Grade Videos That Engage

Vyond is the AI-powered, enterprise-grade video creation platform that allows you to scale video creation across an organization with drag-and-drop simplicity. Creating professional videos and animated content has never been easier.


Leverage AI-powered features like photo-to-character, text-to-speech, speech enhancement, and instant translation to 70+ language


Create 10x more videos, 10x faster, and 10x more efficiently than with traditional video production


Select from over 4K character options (face, expression, ethnicity, body type, etc.) and over 32K assets (scenes, props, templates, etc.) for virtually any industry, as well as 2,400+ role-specific character actions and motion paths


Easily create videos at scale for a fraction of the time, effort, and cost of traditional video


Stay compliant with Vyond’s comprehensive security standards (ISO27001 certified, GDPR and CCPA compliant, Privacy Shield certified)

Seamlessly import content created within Vyond into your Articulate course to increase customization, bring content to life, and keep your learners engaged.


🌟Customize e-learning courses with concise, informative, relevant videos that increase engagement and retention, and improve completion rates

🌟Easily create and insert engaging GIFs in place of boring static images

🌟Develop more cohesive training programs by building branched scenarios that capture learner attention with immersive learning experiences

🌟Utilize customizable characters to represent diversity and inclusion in your training modules

🌟Produce high quality interactive learning experiences that your trainees look forward to

🌟Simplify course creation for course developers of varying levels of experience

 Vyond empowers anyone at any skill level to quickly and easily create relevant, engaging videos and training content, enabling businesses to scale video creation at a fraction of the cost. Businesses that create custom courses with Vyond + Articulate also see improved employee retention, increased productivity, and boosts to employee morale.

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