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Join us for a “Hybinar Session” every Friday!

Hey there! Did we tell you about our awesome Friday Hybinar series? Oops, if we haven’t, no worries because you’re in for a treat!

📢 Join us every Friday for some e-learning excitement and get ready to dive into the world of hybrid classrooms.

The Friday Hybinar series is a weekly event where participants gather to explore and discuss various topics related to e-learning trends and the exciting concept of the hybrid classroom. Taking place every Friday, these sessions aim to provide valuable insights into the future of eLearning and how the integration of traditional and digital learning environments can enhance the learning experience.

The world of Learning & Development is rapidly evolving, and e-learning has become an integral part of modern learning systems. The Friday Hybinar series offers a platform to delve deeper into this evolving landscape and explore the possibilities that arise when traditional classrooms meet the digital world.

Each session covers a different aspect of e-learning trends and the potential benefits of hybrid classrooms. Participants can expect engaging discussions on topics.  Last week, we conducted our first Hybinar Series and we discussed the topic of “Unleashing eLearning Potential: Trends, Content Creation and Strategic Alignment.”  We’re bringing together a bunch of enthusiastic folks like yourself to chat about all things e-learning trends. Trust us, it’s going to be a blast! We’ll be covering a wide range of topics that will make your brain tingle with curiosity.

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show – the hybrid classroom! It’s like having the best of both worlds. Imagine combining the awesomeness of a traditional classroom with the wonders of the digital realm. It’s a match made in eLearning heaven! We’ll be exploring how this fantastic blend can revolutionize your learning experience.  On top of that, we encourage you to come over to eLearningMinds to experience the Hybrid Classroom yourself! Our team will assist you with a walkthrough experience in our Studio for you to understand better!


❇️ Discover on e-Learning Trends

Embrace the rising trend of eLearning that has gained significant momentum in recent years, further accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

❇️ Dive deep on Business-Aligned Learning (BAL)

Unlock the power of business-aligned learning, where training and development initiatives are strategically aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives

❇️ Build Your Own Content (BYOC)

Unleash your creativity by building your own content, and customizing the learning experience to suit your specific needs. Maintain and update your content as needed.

❇️ Walkthrough on a Hybrid Classroom

Experience the trainer engages with participants who are both physically present in the classroom and remotely connected through online platforms or video conferencing tools.


Here’s a sneak peek from our previous session!

One of our speakers, Jaxton enlightens participants on Business-Aligned Learning.

A detailed walk-through experience on Hybrid Classroom with our team!

The best thing about our “Hybinar” is you get to join virtually but with maximum learning experience!

Discover and re-discover all about the latest eLearning Trends with our speaker, Kelvin.

Participants joining us physically @ eLearningMinds Training Space to get in-depth on BYOC!

Behind the scene of experiencing our Hybrid Classroom!

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