GSS by Donald H Taylor

eLearningMinds and Global Sentiment Survey

As a proud partner, we have actively participated in this influential survey every year, contributing valuable insights from the Learning and Development (L&D) community. Here, you can learn about the GSS, understand our involvement, and download the latest GSS report.

About Global Sentiment Survey (GSS)

The Global Sentiment Survey (GSS) is an annual survey that captures the opinions and expectations of Learning and Development professionals worldwide. Conducted by Donald H. Taylor, the GSS aims to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities within the L&D sector. It provides a comprehensive view of where the industry is heading and how professionals feel about various aspects of their work.

Key Features of the GSS:

✅Global Reach: Insights from L&D professionals around the world.

✅Trend Analysis: Identifies emerging trends and technologies.

✅Professional Sentiment: Gauges the confidence and concerns of L&D practitioners.

✅Comprehensive Data: Detailed analysis of the responses to guide future strategies.

eLearningMinds' Role in the GSS

At eLearningMinds, we believe in the power of data-driven insights to drive the future of learning. As a committed participant in the GSS, we contribute our knowledge and expertise to ensure the survey reflects diverse perspectives. Our involvement helps in shaping the understanding of global L&D trends and challenges.

Our Commitment:

🟢 Consistent Participation: We have been part of the GSS every year, providing continuous and reliable insights.

🟢 Thought Leadership: Sharing our expertise to influence the direction of L&D globally.

🟢 Advocacy: Promoting the importance of professional development and continuous learning.

Download the GSS Report

Stay informed about the latest trends in Learning and Development. Download the latest GSS report to explore the comprehensive insights gathered from L&D professionals worldwide.

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