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Celebrating eLearningMinds’s 20th Anniversary with an Exclusive Training Deal! 🌟

To express our gratitude for being part of our journey, we are thrilled to announce a special promotion for you. Here we’re introducing our Exclusive Training Deal with 50% OFF for your training buddy by enrolling in any of our public training programs. 

Every step of our journey has been fueled by your unwavering support and dedication. Today, we stand on the precipice of a remarkable opportunity – an opportunity to further ignite your passion, expand your horizons, and harness your true potential. 🚀

In the spirit of gratitude and celebration, we are beyond excited to unveil our Exclusive Training Deal, tailor-made just for you. Imagine stepping into a world where your aspirations meet with cutting-edge knowledge, and your ambitions are nurtured by experts who are committed to your success.

🎉 Introducing the Exclusive Training Deal: 50% OFF for Your Training Buddy 🎉

We invite you and your chosen training buddy to embark on a journey of transformation together. By enrolling in any of our public training programs, you unlock a gateway to greatness at an unprecedented 50% discount. It’s not just a promotion; it’s an invitation to revolutionize your skills, bolster your confidence, and leave your mark on the world.

Choose from a spectrum of empowering programs that await your eager embrace:

Mastering Articulate 360:

Ready to take your eLearning game up a notch?  Start with the basics and level up to interactive brilliance! Unleash your creativity by turning your design ideas into vibrant eLearning courses that truly engage. 🎉 Get hands-on experience crafting prototypes that come to life. Join us to discover the ultimate tips and tricks of Articulate 360. 

Instructional Design for eLearning:

Join us for an exciting 3-day training adventure! Explore the ins and outs of crafting effective eLearning programs guided by core instructional design principles. Dive into the world of multimedia learning and discover how to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences. We’ll dive into crafting top-notch online tests that align with learning goals for accurate assessment. Plus, we’ll unlock the magic of visual and multimedia design, essential for a truly immersive experience. You’ll have a treasure trove of resources, including samples and templates, to spark your creativity. Throughout the course, we’ll collaborate online to brainstorm, prototype, test, and refine solutions, ensuring the best outcomes. And don’t worry, you’ll receive materials to prep before each session. Get ready to learn, create, and grow together!

Designing Engaging Learning Experiences:

Drawing from the foundation of the Context, Challenge, Activity, and Feedback (CCAF) framework, this course provides hands-on experience in crafting interactive and captivating learning encounters that possess significance, stay ingrained in memory, and ignite motivation. As part of your learning journey, you’ll also gain the skills to create storyboards – swift prototypes that enable you to visualize and convey your design concepts. These storyboards serve as a valuable tool for testing and refining your ideas, ensuring enhancements before advancing to the subsequent phases of development.

Create an Illustration Video:

Spark excitement and captivate any audience with the magic of videos! With Vyond’s fantastic online animation software, you can effortlessly craft top-notch animated videos like a pro. Say goodbye to dull communication – say hello to the world of animated storytelling. Dive into the world of Vyond and explore its array of tools and features that will empower you to create incredible animations and gain a deeper understanding of its functionalities. Let your creativity flow and let’s make your messages truly unforgettable! 🎥🌟

Embrace this moment to not only enhance your own skills but also to share the gift of growth with a training buddy. Together, you’ll build bridges of collaboration and elevate each other to new heights.  🚀 So, what are you waiting for? Let’s embark on this incredible journey together, hand in hand. Enroll today and embrace the magic of empowerment, growth, and learning.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This promotion is valid until 31st October 2023.

2. The offer is available to individuals who enroll as participants in pairs.

3. To avail of this promotion, all interested parties must provide valid Purchase Order (PO) during the promotional period.

4. This promotion is open to all individuals and organizations interested in attending our public training programs.

5. Delegates can participate in the training sessions included in this promotion until 31st December 2023. Any bookings made after this date will not be eligible for the discounted rate.

6. eLearningMinds reserves the right to amend or modify any of the above terms and conditions without prior notice.

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