ELM takes Learning Tech 2023!

Here’s our short review and recap on this year’s Learning Technology 2023 Conference.

We are thrilled to have been part of the vibrant gathering, joining forces with more than 10,000 attendees and over 200 international exhibitors at the illustrious Learning Technologies Exhibition & Conference. As we step into the future of organizational learning at Learning Technologies 2023, Europe’s premier extravaganza highlighting the dynamic intersection of workplace education and cutting-edge technology.

Adding to the excitement, the exhilarating free exhibition was complemented by the prestigious Learning Technologies conference, delving into the forefront of learning technologies and the groundbreaking methodologies employed by industry-leading organizations to construct impactful learning strategies.

Some of the interesting topics that were covered at Learning Tech 2023 includes:
➡ E-Learning Strategy and Execution
➡Collaborative Learning Communities
➡Mastering Content Authoring and Design
➡Simulations and Virtual Worlds
➡Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and many more!

We’re eagerly anticipating the return of Learning Technologies next year, as we relished two action-packed days mingling with fresh faces, showcasing our cutting-edge learning management systems, attending enlightening seminars, and engaging in fruitful conversations with potential clients. It was truly an unforgettable experience! Till we meet again, 👋 #lt23uk

Thankful for the cameras – as we get to capture our short session and memories together with all the people there! Here are some of the snippets of our team at the Learning Tech 2023

eLearningMinds Team, arrival day at ExCel, London

A short session with one of the great animation solutions platform, Vyond and one of the team member, Steph

Meeting Ron Price (Yukon Learning) & Tom Kuhlmann (Articulate) at Yukon Learning Partners Summit for Articulate Training Updates

24 years ago, Learning Technologies was brought to life by Mark and Jo (closer still).  Learning Technologies is Europe’s leading showcase of organisational learning and the technology used to support learning at work! This year they introduced HR Tech and they will be more happening in 2024! 

Knowing Donald Taylors since 2017 and we have so much to learn from him as the chair of Learning Technologies and as friends in exchaning our passion for Learn Tech.

ELM Team meeting with Federico & Damiano at Learning Tech to exchange ideas on new learning path on Skilla Library

Our 7th years of working with Chris, Gina and Leo from TalentLMS – Update on the new TalentLMS roadmap and new interface!

Martin, Tracy and Joe from Video Arts

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